My crazy musical life....

This Week is going to be completely over the top! Yeah Open MIc tomorrow as always and Thursday I'm in Spokane with my friend and fellow trubador, Tommy Gantt in his acoustic showcase at Viking Bar & Grill. Seriously stoked to play this show. Tommy G is the real deal and it will be fun to play on his turf this time. Friday I'll be in Moscow, Idaho at Martin's Square! It should make for a great time as well. my forst time in Moscow and I understand there is a big art show going on in town that weekend so crowds will likely be large and hungry for music. I will dispense as needed. Here is the poster for June shows wow! Thanks so much to all the good people who come out to shows and open mics and all the venues that host live music and the staff who has to put up with all of the above! You are what makes it worth it!


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