Music, music and more music! Your perscription is ready!

Ah.....  MUSIC is the love of my life! Well my husband is the love of my life as far as people go but music has been there for me from the very beginning. My Dad played drums and upright bass. As an infant thy used to take me to the bars he was playing in in my little carrier. It was the 60's folks carseats did not exist yet haha! Mom was a singer with a beautiful soprano. She said I would sleep through most of the gig and wake up on the ride home. Probabaly mad the music stopped.

This week is going to be a blast!  Musician's Circle Open Mic tonight at the American Legion in Pasco and Friday I'll be back in Walla Walla for a show at Sinclaire Estate Vineyards. If you haven't been there yet you should check it out! They have wonderful wines and an awesome staff but the best thing is the set up! This IS a tasting room but during music events it becomes more of a listening room. All the chairs face the stage area and people actually listen to the music instead of talking over it. Love, love, love Sinclaire for that and many other reasons. Seriously feels great to have an audience so tuned in. While your there make a day of it. Walla Walla has so much to offer. Not only tons of wineries and vineyards but they have great respect for art and music and basicly anything culture related. Historical district is filled with cool little shops and tasting rooms ect. located in these beautiful old buildings that they refuse to tear down and replace. Good for Walla Walla on that score! No need to replace something if it still functions well.

Ok enough for now as I need to get to work on some new music that's begging to be finished/polished up! See you tonight or hopefully Friday! Thanks to all you wonderful people whgo make me want to keep going. Your support means more than you will ever know! Take care of yourselves and be kind to someone who doesn't expect kindness today! It will change your life and maybe theirs too.  


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