Time for Hot Cocoa (perhaps even Ski Lifts?)

Since we have our first snow of the season along with some yukky freezing rain I elect to spend the day inside wrapped up in a blanket with my doggies. And.... hot cocoa is definitely on the list perhaps with a shot of the awesome homemade peppermint schnapps my dear friend Lisa gave us! Should warm the bones nicely don'tcha think? 

While I'm warming my ones I'm thinking of what I can throw in the donation bag for tommorrow's Share the Gratitude Jam at American Legion Post 34. We are collecting cash donations as well as non-perishable foods (canned and dry goods) and hygene and cleaning supplies which will all be donated to homeless Veterans and their families, Hope to see you there and I hope we collect lots of great stuff for the Vets! 

Off to make cocoa!


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