What's going on?

Wow! It's been quite a while since I posted any news. Haven't had too much going on here this past winter. Spring is here again finally so things will be picking up! I'm playing at Tri City Tap & Barrel on m onday 3/26 in support of Christine Brown for Congress. If you live in my corner of Washington you already know her. She's been a longstanding member of the Tri Cities and has always been there for our community! Totally support her bid for some new leadership in the State House of Representitives. If you're in the area come by and give her an ear. Really listen to the sensible solutions she has i mind.

In other news I have started livestreaming on Periscope.tv and find it fun. It's a great way to see and hear what's going on all over the world. I've already discovered some great musicians. Check it out and if you like maybe you can follow me there too and catch live broadcasts with sneak peeks at new songs, behind the scenes stuff and you never know. Here's a link to yesterday's broadcast: