Thank You Bonefish and all my amazing friends

Fun night at the Bonefish. Place was packed and then I had a steady stream of friends coming by to wish me happy birthday and such too so it was a great time all around. I got to sing both of my new originals and a new cover that went over really well. I always like the rush of performing songs the first time even if it doesn't always go as planned lol. The great thing about it is if you mi\x up verses nobody will ever know unless you admit it publicly like I just did haha! 

Definitely had a great show and a great birthday! As I'm fond of saying "I don't mind my age I just want to stop growing" BadaBing I'm here all week.

I am so blessed to have a wondefull, supportive husband who helps me follow my dream. Not to mention the friends, family and this crazy musician's life that I waited so long to pursue! I must be on the right track because the blessings and the great people just keep coming into my life! Thank you to all of you who make this possible by being there and supporting me on this journey. I makes it that much more worth it!